Submissions from 2023


Pollinators differ in their contribution to the male fitness of a self-incompatible composite [Data Analysis Files], Avery E. Pearson, Zeke Zelman, Lauryn A. Hill, Mia A. Stevens, Evan X. Jackson, Miyauna M. N. Incarnato, Ren M. Johnson, Stuart Wagenius, and Jennifer L. Ison

Submissions from 2019

The Role of Pollinator Preference in the Maintenance of Pollen Colour Variation [Data Analysis Files], Jennifer Ison, Elizabeth Tuan, Matthew H. Koski, Jack Whalen, and Laura Galloway

Submissions from 2018

Pollinator‐mediated mechanisms for increased reproductive success in early flowering plants, Jennifer L. Ison, Leah J. Prescott, Scott W. Nordstrom, Amy Waananen, and Stuart Wagenius

Linking pollinator efficiency to patterns of pollen limitation: small bees exploit the plant-pollinator mutualism, Matthew H. Koski, Jennifer L. Ison, Ashley Padilla, Angela Q. Pham, and Laura F. Galloway

Mating Opportunity Increases with Synchrony of Flowering among Years More than Synchrony within Years in a Nonmasting Perennial, Amy Waananen, Gretel Kiefer, Jennifer L. Ison, and Stuart Wagenius

Submissions from 2017

Temporal population genetic structure in the pollen pool for flowering time: A field experiment with Brassica rapa (Brassicaceae), Jennifer L. Ison and Arthur E. Weis

Dissection and Immunofluorescent Staining of Mushroom Body and Photoreceptor Neurons in Adult Drosophila melanogaster Brains, Seth M. Kelly, Alexandra Elchert, and Michael Kahl


Cryptic multicolored lizards in the Polychrus marmoratus Group (Squamata: Sauria: Polychrotidae) and the status of Leiolepis auduboni Hallowell, John C. Murphy, Rick M. Lehtinen, Stevland P. Charles, Danielle Wasserman, Tom Anton, and Patrick J. Brennan

Submissions from 2016

The Drosophila ortholog of the Zc3h14 RNA binding protein acts within neurons to pattern axon projection in the developing brain, Seth M. Kelly, Rick Bienkowski, Ayan Banerjee, David J. Melicharek, Zachariah A. Brewer, Daniel R. Marenda, Anita H. Corbett, and Kenneth H. Moberg

Cryptic, Sympatric Diversity in Tegu Lizards of the Tupinambis teguixin Group (Squamata, Sauria, Teiidae) and the Description of Three New Species, John C. Murphy, Michael J. Jowers, Rick M. Lehtinen, Stevland P. Charles, Guarino R. Colli, Ayrton K. Peres Jr., Catriona R. Hendry, and R. Alexander Pyron

Submissions from 2015

Characterization of the arginine kinase isoforms in Caenorhabditis elegans, Dean Fraga, Manish Aryal, Joseph E. Hall, Evan Rae, and Mark Snider

Molecular phylogenetics of the glass frog Hyalinobatrachium orientale (Anura: Centrolenidae): evidence for Pliocene connections between mainland Venezuela and the island of Tobago, Michael J. Jowers, Rick M. Lehtinen, Roger J. Downie, Andrew P. Georgiadis, and John Murphy

Pollen packing affects the function of pollen on corbiculate bees but not non-corbiculate bees, Alison J. Parker, Jennifer L. Tran, Jennifer L. Ison, Ji Dong K. Bai, Arthur E. Weis, and James D. Thomson

Parentage of Overlapping Offspring of an Arboreal-Breeding Frog with No Nest Defense: Implications for Nest Site Selection and Reproductive Strategy, Wan-Ping Tung, Yi-Huey Chen, Wei-Chun Cheng, Ming-Feng Chuang, Wan-Tso Hsu, Yeong-Choy Kam, and Rick M. Lehtinen

Submissions from 2014

Both flowering time and distance to conspecific plants affect reproduction in Echinacea angustifolia, a common prairie perennial, Jennifer L. Ison and Stuart Wagenius

Mating between Echinacea angustifolia (Asteraceae) individuals increases with their flowering synchrony and spatial proximity., Jennifer L. Ison, Stuart Wagenius, Diedre Reitz, and Mary V. Ashley

A conserved role for the zinc finger polyadenosine RNA binding protein, ZC3H14, in control of poly(A) tail length., Seth M. Kelly, Sara W. Leung, ChangHui Pak, Ayan Banerjee, Kenneth H. Moberg, and Anita H. Corbett

Impacts of Paternal Care and Seasonal Change on Offspring Survival: A Multiseason Experimental Study of a Caribbean Frog, Rick M. Lehtinen, Sara E. Green, and Jessica L. Pringle

Detecting Frogs and Detecting Declines: An Examination of Occupancy and Turnover Patterns at the Range Edge of Blanchard's Cricket Frog (Acris Blanchardi), Rick M. Lehtinen and James R. Witter

Submissions from 2013

Campus Eco Tours: an Integrative & Interactive Field Project for Undergraduate Biology Students, Kathryn E. Boes

Development and evaluation of microsatellite markers for a native prairie perennial, Echinacea angustifolia (Asteraceae), Jennifer L. Ison, Stuart Wagenius, Diedre Reitz, and Mary V. Ashley

Neonatal Handling Alters The Development of The Adrenocortical Response to Stress in a Wild Songbird (Eastern Bluebird, Sialia Sialis), Sharon E. Lynn, Michael D. Kern, and Megan M. Phillips

Bifunctional Electrophiles Cross-Link Thioredoxins with Redox Relay Partners in Cells, Matthew R. Naticchia, Haley A. Brown, F. J. Garcia, Andrew M. Lamade, S. L. Justice, Rachelle P. Herrin, K. A. Morano, and James D. West

Characterization of a Putative Oomycete Taurocyamine Kinase: Implications for the Evolution of the Phosphagen Kinase Family, A. Palmer, Brittany N. Begres, Jason M. Van Houten, Mark J. Snider, and Dean Fraga

The Seminal Symphony: How to Compose an Ejaculate, J. C. Perry, Laura K. Sirot, and S. Wigby

Submissions from 2012

Problems with Using Ptilochronology to Measure the Growth and Nutritional Status of Nestling Bluebirds, Emily K. Elderbrock, Michael D. Kern, and Sharon E. Lynn

Establishment of an Invasive Plant Species (Conium maculatum) in Contaminated Roadside Soil in Cook County, Illinois, Paul Z. Gulezian, Jennifer L. Ison, and Kelly J. Granberg

Duration and Dose-Dependency of Female Sexual Receptivity Responses to Seminal Fluid Proteins in Aedes Albopictus and Ae. Aegypti Mosquitoes, M. E. H. Helinski, P. Deewatthanawong, Laura K. Sirot, M. F. Wolfner, and L. C. Harrington

Observations on Parental Care in The Glass Frog Hyalinobatrachium Orientate (Anura: Centrolenidae) from Tobago, with Comments on its Natural History, Rick M. Lehtinen and Georgiadis P. Georgiadis

A New Species of Putatively Pond Breeding Frog of the Genus Guibemantis from Southeastern Madagascar, Rick M. Lehtinen, F. Glaw, F. Andreone, M. Pabijan, and M. Vences

The Consequences of Genetic Variation in Sex Peptide Expression Levels for Egg Laying and Retention in Females, D. T. Smith, Laura K. Sirot, M. F. Wolfner, D. J. Hosken, and N. Wedell

Interdisciplinary Teaching and Research at a Liberal Arts College on Computational Biology, Sofia Visa, Stephanie Strand, R. Drew Pasteur, and William Morgan

The Yeast Hsp70 Ssa1 is a Sensor for Activation of the Heat Shock Response by Thiol-Reactive Compounds, Y. Wang, P. A. Gibney, James D. West, and K. A. Morano

Small Molecule Activators of the Heat Shock Response: Chemical Properties, Molecular Targets, and Therapeutic Promise, James D. West, Y. Wang, and K. A. Morano

Submissions from 2011

How the Cricket Frog Lost its Spot: the Inducible Defense Hypothesis, Gerardo L. F. Carfagno, J. Maxwell Carithers, Leah J. Mycoff, and Rick M. Lehtinen

The Timing of Life-History Stages Across Latitudes in Zonotrichia Sparrows, A. M. Class, H. Wada, Sharon E. Lynn, and I. T. Moore

Habitat Selection, the Included Niche, and Coexistence in Plant-Specialist Frogs from Madagascar, Rick M. Lehtinen and Gerardo L. F. Carfagno

Two New Plant-Breeding Frog Species (Anura: Mantellidae, Guibemantis) from Southeastern Madagascar, Rick M. Lehtinen, F. Glaw, and M. Vences

Live Fast, Die Young? A Six-Year Field Study of Longevity and Survivorship in Blanchard's Cricket Frog (Acris Crepitans Blanchardi), Rick M. Lehtinen and Michael C. MacDonald

Male Vocalizations, Female Discrimination and Molecular Phylogeny: Multiple Perspectives on The Taxonomic Status of a Critically Endangered Caribbean Frog, Rick M. Lehtinen, E. A. Wojtowicz, and A. Hailey

An Integrated Approach to Improve the Scientific Writing of Introductory Biology Students, William Morgan, Dean Fraga, and William J. MacAuley Jr.

Protein-Specific Manipulation of Ejaculate Composition in Response to Female Mating Status in Drosophila Melanogaster, Laura K. Sirot, M. F. Wolfner, and S. Wigby

Towards a Semen Proteome of the Dengue Vector Mosquito: Protein Identification and Potential Functions, L. K. Sirot, M. C. Hardstone, M. E. H. Helinski, J. M. C. Ribeiro, M. Kimura, P. Deewatthanawong, M. F. Wolfner, and L. C. Harrington

Identification of Predicted Seminal Fluid Proteins in Tribolium Castaneum, A. South, Laura K. Sirot, and S. M. Lewis

Enhanced Toxicity of the Protein Cross-Linkers Divinyl Sulfone and Diethyl Acetylenedicarboxylate in Comparison to Related Monofunctional Electrophiles, James D. West, Chelsea E. Stamm, Haley A. Brown, Samantha L. Justice, and K. A. Morano

Structure-Activity Comparison of the Cytotoxic Properties of Diethyl Maleate and Related Molecules: Identification of Diethyl Acetylenedicarboxylate as a Thiol Cross-Linking Agent, James D. West, Chelsea E. Stamm, and P. J. Kingsley

Organism-Environment Interactions in a Changing World: a Mechanistic Approach, J. C. Wingfield, J. PatrickKelley, F. Angelier, O. Chastel, F. Lei, Sharon E. Lynn, B. Miner, and J. E. Davis

Submissions from 2010

Protein Phosphatase 2B (Pp2B, Calcineurin) in Paramecium: Partial Characterization Reveals that Two Members of the Unusually Large Catalytic Subunit Family Have Distinct Roles in Calcium-Dependent Processes, Dean Fraga, I. M. Sehring, R. Kissmehl, M. Reiss, R. Gaines, Robert Hinrichsen, and H. Plattner

A Single Exposure to an Acute Stressor has Lasting Consequences for the Hypothalamo-Pituitary-Adrenal Response to Stress in Free-Living Birds, Sharon E. Lynn, Leslie E. Prince, and Megan M. Phillips

Food, Stress, and Reproduction: Short-Term Fasting Alters Endocrine Physiology and Reproductive Behavior in the Zebra Finch, Susan E. Lynn, Teresa B. Stamplis, William T. Barrington, Nicholas Weida, and Caey A. Hudak

Submissions from 2009

Revegetation of a Trampled Cliff-Edge Using Three-Toothed Cinquefoil and Poverty Grass: A Case Study at Tettegouche State Park, Minnesota, Joel P. Olfelt, David P. Olfelt, and Jennifer L. Ison

Submissions from 2008

The paradox of forest fragmentation genetics, Andrea T. Kramer, Jennifer L. Ison, Mary V. Ashley, and Henry F. Howe