The Thistle was the main student literary magazine that was published between 1957-1983. By the late 1960s, even The Thistle had its own edgier offshoots such as Rabadash (1968-1969) and Wooster Survival Manual (1969).

Rabadash is a literary magazine stylized as a newspaper that was published by College of Wooster students between 1968-1969. This edition was published in May of 1969 on brown paper with black ink, the font is mostly type-writer font but has some variation. There are drawings, cartoons, and doodles included throughout the pages. The cover depicts a drawn girl holding a bird. On page 2, a table of contents lists the included short stories, poems, and essays next to the names of their authors. The topics covered in these poems and short stories are varied and the submissions are sometimes stylized in a non-traditional format. "On the Road Again" by Glen Rainsley is intended as a modern retelling of the 14th-century story Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer. Rainsley takes ten people from the present society (in 1969) and describes them on a journey together. The characters include a member of the Ku Klux Klan, a politician, a priest, a soldier, and a teacher. Also included in this issue is an interview with poet Micheal Benedikt and an essay about anti-ballistic missile systems. Other poems and writings included cover themes of gender, race, discrimination, and love. The "Rabatrashery" section can be found on page 16, here there are two news clippings that the paper thinks are "trash," one claims that rock n' roll music is communist propaganda used to control young minds. This edition of Rabadash uses a small amount of strong language and covers some sensitive topics. Rabadash is edited by Richard Morgan.


Student publications; Racism against Black people; Civil rights movements; Literature; Poetry; Christianity; Rock music; Communism; Antimissile missiles

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Literary magazine, Civil Rights Movement, Communism, ABM, music, college, Canterbury Tales, poetry



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