O'Grady's Goat (1925) includes cartoons, poetry, limericks, jokes, and "news items." One such news item notes that "Some of the students have been dissatisfied with the speakers that have been secured to talk in chapel before the student body. It has been suggested that the college secure the Prince of Wales."

O'Grady's Goat is a generally lighthearted publication that includes a number of jokes, poems, and essays. This first edition was published in May 1925. The magazine has a yellow paper cover with a cartoon of a goat printed on in black ink. The cover was originally stapled to the rest of the booklet, but the cover of this copy has been taped on, likely because the cover fell off. On page 3, there is a poem entitled "O'Grady's Goat" from which the magazine gets its name. On pages 4 and 5, there is a short story in a section known as "What Do You Think, Gentle Reader?" about whether or not women should marry men that they do not like. By today’s standards, many of the pieces may be considered misogynistic, sexist, and racist, including an offensive cartoon that depicts a caricature of an athlete of color and the Ku Klux Klan. This collection has not been censored in order to show the alternative opinions of students at the College of Wooster from various times in the history of the college. The opinions expressed in O'Grady's Goat are not representative of students, faculty, or staff at the college today. O’Grady’s Goat was edited by Frank C. Leyshon


Student Publications; Racism against Black people; Poetry; Limericks; Sexism; Wit and humor

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humor magazine, racism, poetry, limericks, sexism



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