Shaft (1965-1966) notes that it is "an independent, bi-regular publication having no official connection with The College of Wooster. The opinions expressed by the contributors are not necessarily those of the editors. The opinions expressed by the editors are not necessarily those of the contributors. The opinions expressed by one editor are not necessarily those of the other. The opinions expressed by the College are not necessarily those of Shaft..."

Shaft is a literary magazine-type publication featuring poems, essays, short stories, and cartoons. The magazine itself is a simple stapled booklet with a light blue paper cover. The front cover depicts an arrow accompanied by a Robert Frost poem. The inside of the booklet is composed of single-sided white pages typed on by a typewriter. The first page lists the executive roles and the contributors and includes a short letter urging the readers to also write. The essays, poems, and short stories all have varied topics and are not united by a single theme. Some topics and themes covered in the magazine include politics, race, the civil rights movement, poverty, privilege, nature, and love. For example, the poem on page 5 by H. Harvey Tilden discusses the privilege the rich have when it comes to the social conflict and change in the 1960s. Another poem on page 9 by Micheal Hutchison describes a frog in a sunny pond escaping a bird. There are a few black-and-white drawings or cartoons between the written pieces. Some pieces in Shaft cover sensitive topics. Shaft is edited by Michael Hutchison, Diane Liff, and Ron Wallace.


Student publications; Poetry; Racism against Black people; Poverty; Civil rights movements; Nature; Frogs

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Literary magazine, poetry, racism, Civil Rights Movement, poverty, Robert Frost, nature, frogs, privilege



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