Verge (2005-2006) notes: "This magazine is an experiment. We are English majors, which means we have no great talent for experiments; however, we have a hypothesis that we're interested in testing, and our scientifically inclined friends tell us 'experimentation' is how that's done. The hypothesis is this: Wooster students write."

This is the last edition of Verge published by the original editors Clint Baugess and Liz Weiss, the issue was published May 1st, 2006. In the editor's note, Baugess and Weiss write that in their "experiment" they found that Wooster students "do write and [...] will share their work if given an opportunity." The editors also thank the English Department for paying for the copying expenses. This literary magazine is a small paper booklet, the cover is white paper and includes an image of two headless paper dolls over the title "Verge." There are six pieces included in this issue and the authors are listed on page 2 with a short blurb. All of the pieces except one are poems. The first poem, entitled "Charnel Ground" is a reflection on the death of a grandfather by Anshuman Bagaria. The next is called "I wish I could paint with watercolors" by Jordan Magaro and explores the difficulties of watercolors and the effects of the atomic bomb. Danny Caine's "Beyond Repair" is a poem within a poem shown by a difference in font. In "Speeding," on page 6, Cory Smith explores love. Matt Karckewski's short story "Simply Passing Through" centers on gender expectations and identity. Finally, "My Mother is a Marvel" by Clint Baugess discusses the illness of a mother and flowers. The back cover depicts two paper dolls.


Student Publications; Poetry; Short stories; Funeral service; Nagasaki-shi (Japan)--History--Bombardment, 1945; Watercolor painting; Love; Gender identity

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Literary magazine, poems, short stories, Nagasaki, death, funeral, watercolors, sickness, gender identity, gender expectations, College of Wooster English Department



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Verge: Issue 4