This publication is a part of the Anti-Racist Collective Zine, a student zine by Sharah Hudson, and the Wooster Anti-Racist Collective. It is representative of student zines that were freely distributed in the wake of the Black Lives Matter Movement and the 2016 presidential election.

The purpose of this zine produced by Sharah Hutson and the Anti-Racist Collective is to help readers better understand internal racism, this is summarized in the title "I am Racist and So Are You." The zine is stylized as a collage-style xeroxed zine, featuring images, magazine clippings, typewriter text, and a few handwritten notes. The zine is bound together by red yarn. Mainly, the booklet features pieces that define and explain internalized racism, including a personal narrative and an internal racism test. The back cover of the publication lists the titles of future zines with a call for submissions of writing or art relating to the provided themes. This publication uses strong language and addresses a number of sensitive topics.


Zines; Racism; Student publications

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Anti-Racist Collective, internal racism, Zine, Black Lives Matter



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The Anti-Racist Collective Zine: I Am Racist and So Are You