The Thorn (1960-1961) notes that it is "published three times a year by The Wine Press, in cooperation with the students of The College of Wooster, but without any affiliation with said College." [Break] The Thorn is a small but lengthy magazine that, as expressed by the authors, is intended to broaden the scope of the students of Wooster and create some form of disagreement or response on what the editors view as an apathetic "don't-care" campus. This first volume was published in May of 1960. The booklet has a blue paper cover with a jagged thorn or vine-like drawing in black ink drawing. The pages inside are all white and are written in type-writer text. The magazine is 42 pages long, but the booklet itself is the size of a quarter of a page. The magazine includes poems, short stories, and essays from various authors (not just students). The pieces included cover a variety of topics but mostly center around politics, current events, and self-expression. The essay "1960-- Year of Decision," discusses the upcoming presidential election and the political apathy on campus. Other poems are printed in Spanish or French. The translated poem "The Angry Generation," can be found on pages 20-22 was written by Jae-Suh Choi, a professor at Yonsei University in Korea. The pieces are broken up by black and white art and drawings. This volume of The Thorn was edited by Erik Sandberg-Diment.


Student publications; Poetry; Korea; Presidents--Election; Drawing

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Literary magazine, poetry, political awareness, drawing; black and white art; international poetry



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Thistle: Thorn (Vol. 1, No. 1)