The Thistle was the main student literary magazine that was published between 1957-1983. By the late 1960s, even The Thistle had it's own edgier offshoots such as Rabadash (1968-1969) and Wooster Survival Manual (1969).

This edition of The Thistle was published in the fall of 1970. The issue is formatted like a newspaper and printed on brown paper with black ink. This edition of The Thistle is composed entirely of poetry. The poems are broken up by drawings, art, and photographs that sometimes correspond with each poem. The topics and themes of the poems are not united around a central theme and cover a variety of topics. Topics covered include love, nature, politics, race, religion, and childhood. One poem found on the first page, is entitled "Wish For a Friend in San Francisco" and discusses the Native American Rights Movement of the time. Many poems are formatted un-traditionally and some are handwritten. On the second page, there is a section that prints the dates of upcoming events that readers might be interested in. This edition of The Thistle is edited by Lou Young and Barb Behrens.


Student Publications; Poetry; Civil rights movements; Wood-engraving; San Francisco Bay Area (Calif.)

Creation Date

Fall 1970


College of Wooster Special Collections


In Copyright


The College of Wooster


Literary Magazine, art, sketches, poetry, Native American peoples, San Francisco



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Thistle: Fall 1970