The Thistle was the main student literary magazine that was published between 1957-1983. By the late 1960s, even The Thistle had it's own edgier offshoots such as Rabadash (1968-1969) and Wooster Survival Manual (1969).

This volume of Thistle was published on November 18th, 1960. The cover is made of yellow paper, next to the title ("Thistle") there is an abstract black ink drawing. The first page includes a table of contents that lists the included poems, short stories, and essays as well as their authors. The main body of the magazine consists of these pieces of writing, but they are broken up by art and sketches. The topics and themes covered in the submissions are varied and not organized around a uniting theme. One piece entitled "The Machine" (on page 4) explores the relationship between technology and nature and how humans fit into both. A piece on page 8, entitled "Electron Results" discusses the election of John F. Kennedy and his Catholic faith. "A Summer in Vienna," found on pages 25-28, is a reflection by author Lynne Bishof about her time in the city. An essay on pages 34-35 called "Politics and the Campus Community" discusses the political awareness of Wooster's campus. Other topics covered in this volume include love, death, nature, politics, and music. This volume of Thistle discusses sensitive topics including death and suicide. Thistle is edited by Nancy Boone.


Student publications; Catholic Church; Presidents--Election; Technology; College environment; Foreign study; Poetry

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literary magazines, poetry, John F. Kennedy, Study abroad, Vienna



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Thistle: Vol. 3, No. 1