Sketch (circa 1960s) offers a way for bored students to pass the time with The Chapel Coloring Book pleasantly. By the late 1960s, the mandatory requirement became a huge issue on campus, and by 1970-1971 the requirement was dropped.

This issue of Sketch is a chapel coloring book. As explained in the note on the first page, the point of this publication is to pass the time during the chapel requirement. The note also explains that the coloring book came with a small box of crayons. The coloring book itself is composed of a number of activities related to chapel. For example, on page 2, a connect-the-dots activity creates a picture of the Memorial Chapel. Other pages poke fun at the chapel requirement like the create your own chapel attendance cards on page 3. Page 5 depicts a satirical drawing of an "average chapel speaker." The book also includes a cartoon of an "after chapel demonstrator" who is wearing sunglasses, smoking, and holding a sign that reads "Everybody Burn Your Draft Cards." Each page also includes notes from the creator, Stan Good, with instructions on what color crayons to use. The cover of the book includes a picture of the outside of the chapel, the rock that reads 1874, and three devils with painting supplies along with the title. The cover of the book is yellow construction paper while the rest of the pages are white (save for one random page in the middle that Stan Good tells the reader to color completely green). Nearly all of the text is handwritten and all of the cartoons are hand drawn. Sketch was created by Stan Good.


Student publications; Satire; Vietnam War 1961-1975; Coloring books;College students--Religious life; Presbyterian universities and colleges

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Satire, Coloring Book, Vietnam War, Chapel requirement, crayons



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Sketch: Chapel Coloring Book