The Squirrel (2015-2016) bills itself as "Wooster's Worst and Only Humor Publication." During the 2015-2016 academic year, this anonymous publication became the center of a campus discussion on censorship when issues of this publication disappeared from Lowry Center tables shortly after distribution.

The Squirrel is a short-form comedy publication. The two-page issue is printed on a single piece of white printer paper, the title "The Squirrel" is flanked by two identical squirrel images. The rest of the publication is simply black text. This issue is broken into 5 sections. The first section is entitled "Best Easy A Classes" and it lists a number of imagined easy classes. The next section is titled "Rejected IS Proposals" and lists a few comical IS proposals that have been "rejected" over the years. At the end of the first page, there is a short comic strip called "Bros." On the reverse, there is a section called "This Week in Jokes" which includes a number of jokes. The second half of the back page is split into two sections, one entitled "Into it/Over it" and the other entitled "New News." "Into it/ Over it" is a list of things that the editors are into and what they are over. "New News" includes made-up news headlines mostly centered on Wooster.


Student publications; Press; Satire; Independent study; Undergraduates; Censorship

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Comedy publication, Satire, Independent Study, Wooster, College classes



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