The Thistle was the main student literary magazine that was published between 1957-1983. By the late 1960s, even The Thistle had its own edgier offshoots such as Rabadash (1968-1969) and Wooster Survival Manual (1969).

Rabadash is a literary magazine stylized as a newspaper that was published by College of Wooster students between 1968-1969. This edition was published in May of 1969 on white paper with black ink, the font is mostly type-writer font but has some variation. There are drawings, cartoons, photographs, and doodles included throughout the pages. The cover depicts a photograph of four people on a sandy hill. On page 2, a table of contents lists the included short stories, poems, and essays next to the names of their authors. Like other editions of Rabadash, this volume includes poems and short stories that cover a variety of themes including race, politics, gender, discrimination, love, nature, and others. The first major submission on page 3 is entitled "The Mountain," this short story explores childhood and intergenerational similarities and differences. Another short story on pages 12-13 is entitled "A Meeting of the Board," which tells the story of a fictional school board meeting. The story is filled with political references and events from the time, including the Civil Rights Movement, the Vietnam War, and the ongoing social revolution. On pages 15-16 there is a story called "Quan Ritorn Tu Saro Nel Paradiso" which is self-described as a "psychological fantasy in one act." Notably, this edition includes a lot of poetry by various authors. The back cover depicts an image of a thistle in reference to the publication The Thistle of which Rabadash is an offshoot. This edition of Rabadash uses a small amount of strong language. Rabadash is edited by Richard Morgan.


Student publications; Racism against Black people; Civil rights movements; Literature; Poetry; Christianity; Vietnam War, 1961-1975; Children

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Childhood, poetry, love, school board, Vietnam War, Civil Rights Movement, literary magazine



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The Thistle: Rabadash Vol. 1, No. 9