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Anna J.Harrison, Phi Beta Kappa visiting scholar from the department of chemistry at Mt. Holyoke College speaks on "Value Judgement in the Use of Science and Technology." Richard McSorley, S.J. of Georgetown University, will be lectures on the draft and registration in light of a nuclear age." Peter Arnott, a professor of drama at Tuffs University presents his recreation of the classic Greek drama, the Bacchaee. - A chapter of the Ohio League of College Republican Clubs is organized by students on campus. Lowry Center displays art from retired Charleston couple, Betty and Lowell Warner. The College of Wooster art department runs the exhibits "Women In Art Today" in the Frick Lower/Main Gallery and the 1980 Eighth Annual Functional Ceramics Exhibition in the Frick Upper Gallery. Additionally, Cincinnati Opera Choreographer Jack Louiso holds dance auditions for the Cincinnati Opera Ballet Company.

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The College of Wooster


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Anna J.Harrison, Phi Beta Kappa, department of chemistry Mt. Holyoke College, Mt. Holyoke College, science and technology, Richard McSorley, Georgetown University, nuclear age, Peter Arnott, Tuffs University, Greek drama, the Bacchaee, Ohio League of Colleg Republican Clubs, republicans, Charleston, college republicans, Betty and Lowell Warner, Women In Art Today, women in art, female artist, Functional Ceramics Exhibition, College of Wooster art department, Cincinnati Opera, choreography, Jack Louiso, Cincinnati Opera Ballet Company, ballet

The Wooster Voice (Wooster, OH), 1980-04-11

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