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In order to preserve our social and literary history, The College of Wooster Libraries, Wooster, Ohio, have secured rare materials, archival materials, and other unique collections. These materials include first editions of classic texts, signed and inscribed editions of major literary works, examples of fine binding, materials that offer significant historical documentation and the College Archives. Collection strengths include the College Archives (special emphasis on the Independent Study program), British and American history and literature (specializing in 18th century), Theatre, and Women's Studies.


Buildings & Grounds Collection

The College of Wooster Buildings and Grounds Digital Collection contains digital images of buildings and grounds that are affiliated with the College of Wooster or the city of Wooster. Sub-collections include the College of Wooster Lantern Slide collection and the College of Wooster Postcard collection.

Commencement Programs

This is a full collection of the College of Wooster's commencement programs, dating from 1871-2017. Of note are the honorary speakers, commencement address titles, and schedules of events, as well as the lists of graduates. For more information on the history of graduation and commencement ceremonies at the College of Wooster, please contact Special Collections.

Herbarium Sheets Collection

The Herbarium Sheets Collection was created and donated by Mary Ronsheim while she was a student at the College of Wooster in 1950. The sheets contain leaves collected on the College of Wooster campus and at nearby locations in the community. This collection will be of particular interest to those interested in regional history and dendrology. For a map of current trees on campus, please see: Gift & Memorial Trees

Lee Lybarger Collection

This is a collection of digitized images from the personal slide collection of Lee Lybarger, class of 1956. Highlights from the collection include images of College traditions and celebrations, such as Homecoming, historic shots of campus, and images of sports and recreation. Other students attending the college during the mid-50's are depicted, and often named, in the collection.

Mother Home & Heaven

Aimed primarily at women, this collection is a monograph collection of popular advice literature. Books cover topics from cooking and cleaning to marriage and birth control. Many of the titles are manuals that offer guidelines for self-improvement. The collection demonstrates how self-improvement advice has been redefined to meet the needs of popular culture.

The Victorian notion of the woman as the "Angel in the House" is well-represented, with many of the texts proposing that every young woman should be prepared to be the guardian of her home and to provide heaven on earth for her family. Later imprints document the change in social constructs.

The original collection consists of approximately 800 titles that were collected by Harrison Hayford. In 1990, his wife, Josephine Wishart Hayford (Class of 1937), donated the bulk of the collection in honor of her mother, Josephine Long Wishart, wife of President Charles F. Wishart.

Presidents Collection

This collection includes photographs, speeches, and inaugural addresses from the college's presidents. These materials come from a larger collection that is housed in Special Collections.

Robert D. Davis World War II Collection

The Robert D. Davis World War II Collection is a collection of correspondence about, from, and to Robert D. Davis (June 2, 1922 - March 3, 2012) Davis served as a rifleman and interpreter during World War II. These materials provide a soldier's personal insights and reflections regarding the war. Davis went on to make a full-time career of military service. His boyhood diary and the letters trace the trajectory of his path from a naive young man through his time in the service and his work as a diplomat. At the end of his career, he moved to Wooster where, as a member of the campus and the local community, he was involved with the Great Decisions Lecture Series. All digitized materials were property of the estate of Robert D. Davis. His daughter, Ruth Brown (donor), gave permission for the materials to be digitized and used for research purposes. They are available as open access. Special Collections received this collection in February 2013.

The Howard F. Lowry Addresses

Students who attended The College of Wooster during the Lowry years have often shared their memories of sitting in the old Memorial Chapel to hear President Lowry’s famous “Chapel Talks.”While The College of Wooster Archives Collection does include many typed drafts and transcripts of his speeches, the collection also includes many of his scribbled notes for such talks, often consisting of no more than a few quotes taken from his favorite works of literature. He would use these touchstones to link the fiction that he embraced to the reality of current events. The following audio files span the later Lowry years, 1959-1967, with the last chapel talk dating just months before his death on July 4, 1967.