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Letters; College Life; Poetry


In this two page letter in blue ink Mary writes to her family about her friend Mary and having lunch with Bob. She also reports that she got a D in Greek. Transcription:

Received the graduation invitation

Spring 1926

Dear Folks:

This has been the most wonderful week and weekends. Mary Boots is still down stairs with Leeland. Bob went at 10 o’clock, and Mary will be up in a few minutes. We had the boys in a for a little lunch after C.E and such fun as we did have. I had the table fixed real cute and two lighted candle [sic] for light. Bob and I had gotten the lunch so Mary and Leeland washed the dishes and I read some poetry to Bob out of that wonderful book you gave me. I am getting so much joy out of it.

Mary will either go tomorrow morning or Wednesday morning – she is expecting a telegram from her folks early in the morning as she sent them a night letter this evening. We four have had so much fun running around together this week. Friday we went on a picnic. Leeland brot [sic] a few mushrooms from the farm – I had never tasted them before and we fried them in bacon in a “spider” that we took out there. Then Mary and I had made some sandwiches and we took along a quart of milk. – Mary and I both wore


Prof Campbell gave me “D” in Greek and I’m as mad as hops – makes me [unclear] reling [/unclear] - no one got higher than D – and I know I deserved more than that now if I get one more D I’m a jr Soph instead of Jr. next year. [unclear] Enclosed Final Bill[/unclear]

Got along fine in Bible - may get an “A” – “B” anyway



Can hardly wait till you come

Letter from Mary to Folks - circa Spring 1926

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