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Letters; College Life; Report cards


On one sheet of Y.W.C.A tea house stationary Mary writes in blue ink to her family about her grades and if she improves she could make the honor roll. She also updates them about Fred's room.

Dear family,

Have lots to write but I haven’t time now. Play went off grand last night – so many compliments on it but I’ll write details later. I’m pleased with my grade card

Phys class work – C

Physiology Lab – A-

Greek – B

History – B-

Religion – B

Debate – B+

Phys educat [sic] – B

If I can keep those grades and pull that C up to B I’ll be on the honor roll. Grades like these are a new experience for me.

Enclose find a few things of interest. After vacation (mostly vacation for me) begins I’ll route everything. was a busy day and so [unclear] meaningful [/unclear] Play was great. – Big crowd at CE.

I was going to engage Fred’s room before vacation & also reserve a partion [sic] as [unclear] matter if he thought he could do it. But I haven’t heard from him as to his decision to have a room-mate or not, ect. So it wont be done until I hear from him before wed noon. [/unclear]

Lovingly, Mary E.

Letter from Mary to Family circa 1926

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