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Letters; College Life; Poetry; Commencement ceremonies; Delta Sigma Rho


One sheet of College of Wooster stationary Mary writes to her Dad in black ink about the plans for the Baccalaureate service, being inducted into Delta Sigma Rho and her schedule of final exams.

May 28, 192

Dearest Daddy:

I just finished sending our more invitations one to [unclear] Hamingsons. [/unclear] Why, Daddy when you get home I’ll only have one exam to take and that is Spanish on Tuesday – I have Shakespeare on Thursday Reformation on Friday – all of my exams are at 8:00. Tonight we have a beautiful service on the [unclear] ground ‘neath the elms [/unclear] - so then the seniors in their robes – pass

Down the traditions of Wooster to the underclassmen dressed in white. – We sing a class song ect.

The Westminster Choir of Dayton – sings at our Baccalaureate service on Sunday morning Mother surely would enjoy that. I wish you could all come up - Friday all be here for the class play on Friday, the alumni banquet on Saturday and the Bac. Service ect on Sun – I think I’ve decided in my mind definitely not to even think about coming back next year.

Louise Irwin said that her folks (Mr and Mrs. Irwin) wrote her that you offered a prayer at the assembly I’m anxious to hear your report of things there. It surely would have been nice if Mother could have gone. Dean Kelso is in Tulsa…… on the Comm. I believe – You might see him. Am having some time going to dinner parties – teas and banquets … we are initiated into Δ Σ Ρ (Delta Sigma Rho) tomorrow night.



Letter from Mary to Daddy - May 28, 1928

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