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This is the College of Wooster yearbook from 1969. This edition of the Index has a special cover. The front cover reads, "COW \'kau\n.[ME cou, fr. cu, L. bos, Skt. go] 1: the mature female of cattle or of any animal the male of which is called bull 2: the college of wooster 3: to intimidate with threats: daunt." The index then welcomes the reader "genially" to COW. At the beginning of the Index is a letter to the reader from Michael Allen, the Index editor in 1969. After the letter from the editor, there are multiple pages filled with photos of students on campus. There is also a section on the inauguration of John Garber Drushal as president. Finally, a section on the entertainment that a small college can afford, including The Martha & The Vandellas concert, The Vanilla Fudge, and Dick Gregory. It should be mentioned that there is a couple of pages toward the end that focus on the war in Vietnam.

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student life, college, sports, war, concerts, entertainment


College students; Students--Social life and customs; College yearbooks; Sports; War; Vietnam War, 1961-1975; Concerts; Entertainment events

The College of Wooster Book, 1969

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